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METHODS We have developed a protocol, termed "temporal image fractionation," in which static myocardial perfusion SPECT studies are acquired as three-interval dynamic studies (three temporal frames, each consisting of a full projection set), utilizing continuous alternating detector rotation and a multi-detector camera. The frames are individually examined(More)
1. In pentobarbitone-anaesthetized cats, responses were recorded in peripheral nerves or cervical dorsal columns from sensory fibres associated with Pacinian corpuscle (P.c.) receptors in the forelimb footpads. Factors affecting the phase of response to cutaneous vibration in individual P.c. fibres, and the extent of phase coherence in the responses of(More)
Genetic association studies require a quantitative and reliable method for odor threshold assessment in order to examine the contribution of genetic variants to complex olfactory phenotypes. Our main goal was to assess the feasibility of a portable Scentroid air dilution olfactometer for use in such studies. Using the Scentroid SM110C and the SK5 n-butanol(More)
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