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This paper estimates a neoclassical growth model that includes female and male education as separate explanatory variables. The model can be reparameterised so that the gender gap in education enters the model. The interpretation of its coefficient depends crucially on what other education variables appear in the equation. The average longrun effects of(More)
Achieving target levels of office and/or ambulatory blood pressure readings among treated hypertensive patients is an important aspect of cardiovascular disease prevention. Although office blood pressure measurement is simple and convenient, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is especially useful for identifying patients with 'white coat' hypertension, in(More)
Public health interventions have received increased attention from policy makers, and there has been a corresponding increase in the number of economic evaluations within the domain of public health. However, methods to evaluate public health interventions are less well established than those for medical interventions. Focusing on health as an outcome(More)
Income inequality hypotheses propose that income differentials and/or income distributions have a detrimental effect on health. This previously well accepted relationship between inequality and health has recently come under scrutiny; some claim that it is a statistical artefact, arguing that aggregate level data are not sophisticated enough to adequately(More)
A GP practice set up a new system of assessing patients, with an emphasis on appropriate immediate need. The aim is to speed up treatment and reduce inappropriate accident and emergency admissions. A new role of community paramedic on loan from the ambulance trust was a vital part of the team. The first eight months dramatically cut accident and emergency(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness of multidisciplinary foot-care, and to evaluate the methodological considerations of a trial of multidisciplinary care in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. DESIGN Exploratory randomised controlled trial. SUBJECTS/PATIENTS Children/adolescents with juvenile idio-pathic arthritis and inflammatory joint disease(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the cost-effectiveness of eplerenone versus spironolactone as an adjunctive therapy to standard care in patients with heart failure (HF) following a myocardial infarction (post-MI) from the perspective of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. METHODS A systematic review was conducted, and a Bayesian meta-regression(More)
A group of European experts in infectious diseases and vaccinology has met on several occasions to assess the rationale for universal vaccination against rotavirus infection of infants in Europe. On the basis of the available data, we concluded that vaccination was the best approach to prevent severe rotavirus gastroenteritis, and that European countries(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the burden of disease associated with gastroenteric viruses (rotavirus, norovirus, sapovirus, astrovirus and enteric adenovirus) using structured surveillance of children aged <6 years in the community. Faecal samples were collected between 2000 and 2003 from 685 children with symptoms of gastroenteritis. The(More)
Rotavirus is the most common cause of gastroenteritis in children aged <5 years old, two new vaccines have recently been developed which can prevent associated morbidity and mortality. While apparently safe and efficacious, it is also important to establish whether rotavirus immunization is cost effective. A decision analytical model which employs data from(More)