Paula Johnson

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Routine acceptance of use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was shattered in 2002 when results of the largest HRT randomised clinical trial, the women's health initiative, indicated that long term use of oestrogen plus progestin HRT not only was associated with increased risk of cancer but, contrary to expectations, did not decrease, and may have(More)
Critical pathways are predefined protocols that define the crucial steps in evaluating and treating a clinical problem to improve quality of patient care, reduce variability and enhance efficiency. Critical pathways have proliferated for a variety of diagnoses, including evaluation of patients with chest pain, a common and costly complaint. This review will(More)
In a comparative study ultrasound and the sound transmission test were used to seek congenital dislocation of the hip in 102 babies referred to a paediatric orthopaedic clinic. The sound transmission test correctly identified all those hips considered normal or dislocated on ultrasound. 17 babies underwent repeated ultrasound examination for hips considered(More)
PURPOSE Little is known about the influence of processes of hospital care on racial and ethnic differences in experiences with hospital care. SUBJECTS AND METHODS To determine whether patient experiences differed by race and ethnicity and whether these differences were associated with hospital care characteristics, we analyzed survey and hospital(More)
Did the Massachusetts health reforms, which provided near-universal insurance coverage, also address problems of unmet need resulting from the cost of care and of inadequate preventive care for diverse patient groups? We found that nearly a quarter of adults who were in fair or poor health reported being unable to see a doctor because of cost during the(More)
In the field of mental health care technologies, very limited attention has been given to the design of interventions for individuals who undergo treatment for severe mental health problems in intense care contexts. Exploring novel designs to engage vulnerable psychiatric patients in therapeutic skills practice and expanding on the potential of technology(More)
Family physicians are generalists trained at the postgraduate level to address the majority of primary care needs of patients of all ages in communities they serve. Throughout the world there is a need for family physicians to serve as cornerstones of comprehensive health care systems that provide high-quality, cost-effective medical and public health(More)
PURPOSE To improve the quality of patient care and work satisfaction of the physicians and staff at an ambulatory practice that had recently started an innovative model of clinical care for women. METHOD The authors used an inclusive process, collaborative interactive action research, to engage all physicians and staff members in assessing and redesigning(More)
UNLABELLED CREATING A PATIENT SAFETY TEAM: In May 2001 Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston) created the Patient Safety Team, which was incorporated into the pre-existing safety and quality infrastructure. ESTABLISHING THE PATIENT SAFETY TEAM'S GOALS AND INITIATIVES: The goal was to create the safest possible environment for patients and staff by creating a(More)