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Ethylene represents an important regulatory signal for root development. Genetic studies in Arabidopsis thaliana have demonstrated that ethylene inhibition of root growth involves another hormone signal, auxin. This study investigated why auxin was required by ethylene to regulate root growth. We initially observed that ethylene positively controls auxin(More)
Resveratrol is a cancer preventative agent that is found in red wine. Piceatannol is a closely related stilbene that has antileukaemic activity and is also a tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Piceatannol differs from resveratrol by having an additional aromatic hydroxy group. The enzyme CYP1B1 is overexpressed in a wide variety of human tumours and catalyses(More)
Manganese (Mn) is the second most prevalent transition metal in the Earth's crust but its availability is often limited due to rapid oxidation and low mobility of the oxidized forms. Acclimation to low Mn availability was studied in Arabidopsis seedlings subjected to Mn deficiency. As reported here, Mn deficiency caused a thorough change in the arrangement(More)
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