Paula J. S. Martin

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In 1996, in response to perceived deficiencies of the Emergency Department, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital made emergency medicine a key strategic initiative. Major staffing and functional changes occurred as a result, including creation of the first Chair in Emergency Medicine in Australasia. We present a before and after study, using a range of measured(More)
This paper is concerned with the experience of service users of a mental health Trust. The shared experience of the particular service user group is that of auditory hallucinations. The paper argues that mental health practitioners have, traditionally, not listened effectively to the subjective experience of voice hearing. By creating an environment in(More)
This book is part of a two volume set edited by Professors Bogousslavsky and Caplan, the other volume being entitled ‘Stroke Syndromes’. Both come highly recommended. This volume has invited worldwide authorities in stroke and vascular neurology to write chapters on the unusual causes of stroke. Although in some ways the book is a reference book in other(More)
Sustainability is a laudable goal, but difficult to define and to implement because of the complexity of interlinked human and natural systems, and the uncertainty inherent in such complex systems. Resilience shows promise as a relevant and measurable attribute of sustainability, which itself defies measurement. Identification and assessment of conditions(More)
Ingestion of water by larvae of the black flies Simulium verecundum, Prosimulium mixtum/fuscum and Cnephnia dacotensis and by larvae of the mosquito Aedes aegypti was studied with radiolabelled glucose as a tracer. Extremely low (≤ 200 dpm/3 h) radiolabel uptake occurred in the black flies species, while Aedes aegypti, a species that is known to drink, had(More)
In this very critical evaluation of the value and effectiveness of nursing audits, the author shares information about the state of nursing in Australia, gleaned from a recent study, Some myths about nursing practice are debunked. The stark reality is discussed and analysed and a direction for the future is suggested. Although the paper relates exclusively(More)