Paula J Greensmith

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The long-term failure of seemingly intact corrosion resistant organic coatings is thought to occur via the development of ionic transport channels, which spontaneously evolve from hydrophilic regions on immersion, i.e., as a result of localized water uptake. To this end, we investigate water uptake characteristics for industrial epoxy-phenolic can coatings(More)
Conductive gel composites are attracting considerable attention because of their interesting electrical and mechanical properties. Here, we report conductive gel composites constructed using only colloidal particles as building blocks. The composites were prepared from mixed dispersions of vinyl-functionalised pH-responsive microgel particles (MGs) and(More)
In this study we mixed low concentrations of graphene oxide (GO) with microgel (MG) particles and formed composite doubly cross-linked microgels (DX MG/GO) gels. The MG particles comprised poly(ethyl acrylate-co-methacrylic acid-co-1,4-butanediol diacrylate) with pendant glycidyl methacrylate units. The MG/GO mixed dispersions formed physical gels of singly(More)
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