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—Traction motor design significantly differs from industrial machine design. The starting point is the load cycle instead of the steady-state rated operation point. The speed of the motor varies from zero to very high speeds. At low speeds, heavy overloading is used for starting, and the field-weakening region also plays an important role. Finding a(More)
Often, the components of a pumping system are not selected from the perspective of the total system, as the individual components are selected using different programs. In this paper, a selection tool that optimizes the energy conversion efficiency of a pumping system according to actual process requirements is introduced. The tool requires only the catalog(More)
Energy efficiencies of different hybrid systems are investigated in an urban bus cycle. A diesel bus is converted into a multihybrid bus also capable of operating in a direct diesel drive. The target is to investigate which kind of a hybrid system provides the lowest fuel consumption in different operating conditions.
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