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Changes in sleep-wake patterns are among the hallmarks of biological aging. Previously, we reported that impaired melatonin secretion is associated with sleep disorders in old age. In this study we investigated the effects of melatonin replacement therapy on melatonin-deficient elderly insomniacs. The study comprised a running-in, no-treatment period and(More)
Overt hypothyroidism may result in accelerated atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease (CHD) presumably because of the associated hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and hyperhomocysteinemia. As many as 10%-15% of older women have subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) and thyroid autoimmunity. Whether SH is associated with risk for CHD is controversial. We(More)
The objective of this study was to assess whether an increasing severity of sleep apnoea is associated with increased all-cause mortality hazards and to assess whether the syndrome is associated with excess mortality, in comparison with the general population. Participants included 14,589 adult males, aged 20-93 yrs, referred to the sleep clinics with(More)
The hypothesis that the balance between oestrogen and androgen in seminal plasma is important for normal fertility was investigated. We determined the concentrations of oestradiol and testosterone in blood and seminal plasma from 62 infertile men and 32 normozoospermic men. Infertile men were classified according to semen analysis (concentration, motility(More)
Sleep apnoea syndrome was reported to be associated with increased mortality but it is not known if this association is independent of obesity and co-morbidities. The present study investigated predictors of mortality in a large cohort of men with sleep apnoea using a case-control design. The study population consisted of 10,981 men diagnosed during(More)
The relation between the pituitary-gonadal hormones' rhythm and sleep physiology in men is not fully elucidated. To examine whether the reproductive hormones are correlated with sleep architecture, we determined the nocturnal serum levels of testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in six healthy young men. Serum(More)
Decreased libido is frequently reported in male patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The decline in morning serum testosterone levels previously reported in these patients was within the normal adult male range and does not explain the frequent association of OSA and sexual dysfunction. We determined serum LH and testosterone levels every 20 min(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether sleep apnoea syndrome is an independent risk factor for hypertension. DESIGN Population study. SETTING Sleep clinic in Toronto. PARTICIPANTS 2,677 adults, aged 20-85 years, referred to the sleep clinic with suspected sleep apnoea syndrome. OUTCOME MEASURES Medical history, demographic data, morning and evening blood(More)