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From 1959 to 1970, 272 operations for thyrotoxicosis were performed. Most of the patients received anti-thyroid drugs and thyroid hormones preoperatively. The patients were continuously followed up. The primary results with low morbidity and no mortality as well as the long term results with a low rate of recurrence and a relatively high incidence of(More)
The fourth case of localized avascular necrosis of the lesser curve of the stomach after highly selective vagotomy is reported. The pathogeneses was probably related to the relative poverty of the submucosal blood supply along the lesser curve. This complication may be prevented by peritonealizing the lesser curve before closing the abdominal wall.
BACKGROUND Indirect noninvasive methods, such as the 13C-urea breath test and serology, can be useful for the detection of Helicobacter pylori infection in children. We analyzed retrospectively the diagnostic accuracy of these two methods. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between September, 1989, and October, 1996, H. pylori status was determined in 139 children by(More)
A reservoir ileostomy was created in 36 patients. Three patients died from septic complications in the postoperative period, and one patient died from rectal carcinoma during the observation period. In six patients the reservoirs were removed during the observation period because of nipple-valve extrusion, nonspecific ileitis of the reservoir, or recurrence(More)
We report a case of an abdominal mass in a newborn girl containing a fetus in fetu and two teratomas. Obstetrical sonography revealed the abnormality at 28 weeks of gestation. Post-natal US examination suggested the diagnosis of a fetus in fetu upon the finding of a vertebral column and fetal skeletal bones. US also showed two other rounded masses connected(More)
Mitofilin, also known as heart muscle protein, is a recently identified mitochondrial protein. We have isolated two human cDNAs that encode different isoforms of mitofilin. Using reverse PCR, we provide evidence that both isoforms are derived by alternative splicing and encode two proteins of 88 and 90 kDa that are detected in immunoblot analyses with(More)
Two antisera which were raised against bovine parathyroid hormone (bPTH), and which cross-reacted with the human hormone, have been characterized. The antisera which originated from rooster and guinea-pig, were found to contain several populations of antibodies directed against both N-terminal and C-terminal sequences of the hormone. However, at proper(More)
The results of intensive treatment including steroids and early surgery in severe colitis in the period 1971-1975 were compared to the results from the period 1966-1970, when systematic intensive therapy was not given. The period of preoperative medical treatment was reduced on average from 31 to 17 days. Approximately half the patients went into remission(More)