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Myxomas are the most common benign primary cardiac tumors, with the majority located in the left atrium; 80% originates in the atrial septum, and 5% are biatrial. Clinically, they often manifests with signs and symptoms of mitral valve disease or thromboembolic events. This report illustrates a case of myxoma in the left atrium, protruding through the(More)
BACKGROUND Impulsivity as a tendency to act quickly without considering future consequences has been proposed as a dimensional factor in bipolar disorder. It can be measured using behavioral tasks and self-report questionnaires. Previous findings revealed patients to show worse performance on at least one behavioral measure of impulsivity. Additionally,(More)
BACKGROUND Research on theory of mind (ToM) abilities in patients with bipolar disorder has yielded conflicting results. Meta-analyses point to a stable moderate impairment in remitted patients, but factors such as subsyndromal symptoms, illness severity, and deficits in basic neurocognitive functions might act as confounders. Also, differences in deficits(More)
BACKGROUND Effective group psychological interventions in bipolar disorder are rare. In this study, we present "metacognitive training (MCT) for bipolar disorder"-an adaption of a group intervention that has proven effective in other severe psychiatric disorders. MCT is a structured, interactive approach that addresses cognitive biases, social cognition,(More)
The expression “contusio cordis” defines a lesion of the cardiac myocyte, hemorrhagic or fibrotic, due to the application of violent kinetic force resulting from a blunt trauma to the precordial region1. Syncope is almost always the first clinical manifestation observed, and commonly precedes death. Contusio cordis differs from commotio cordis, the latter(More)
Myotonic dystrophy type 1 (MD1 or Steinert’s disease) is a genetic syndrome with multissistemic repercussions, and it is usual to the patient to seek for several specialists before clinical suspicion. It is related a case of a 28 years old male patient admitted with congestive heart failure. MD1 has been diagnosed eight years before. At the time of the(More)
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