Paula González Avalos

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Mechanical properties of the cell nucleus play an important role in maintaining the integrity of the genome and controlling the cellular force balance. Irregularities in these properties have been related to disruption of a variety of force-dependent processes in the cell, such as migration, division, growth or differentiation. Characterizing mechanical(More)
Gastrulation constitutes a fundamental yet diverse morphogenetic process of metazoan development. Modes of gastrulation range from stochastic translocation of individual cells to coordinated infolding of an epithelial sheet. How such morphogenetic differences are genetically encoded and whether they have provided specific developmental advantages is(More)
Divisions that generate one neuronal lineage-committed and one self-renewing cell maintain the balance of proliferation and differentiation for the generation of neuronal diversity. The asymmetric inheritance of apical domains and components of the cell division machinery has been implicated in this process, and might involve interactions with cell fate(More)
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