Paula Goetting-Minesky

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XLalphas and ALEX are structurally unrelated mammalian proteins translated from alternative overlapping reading frames of a single transcript. Not only are they encoded by the same locus, but a specific XLalphas/ALEX interaction is essential for G-protein signaling in neuroendocrine cells. A disruption of this interaction leads to abnormal human phenotypes,(More)
The Mus musculus non-selective cation channel gene mNSC1 was used as a classical example of a gene derived from transposable elements. To study the evolution of mNSC1 in M. musculus we sequenced this locus in M. musculus, M. hortulanus, M. spretus, M. caroli, and M. pahari. We found that the previously published 1,275 bp coding region was not present in any(More)
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