Paula Gawryszewska

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Increased interest in the emission properties of lanthanide(III) (Eu and Tb) complexes containing ultraviolet and visible sensitizers is being driven by the desire to produce efficient and selective luminescent probes of biological structure. Of special interest are cryptates and other macrocyclic chelating ligands that efficiently encapsulate the(More)
A detailed photophysical study of [Eu within (biqO2.2.2)(CF3SO3)](CF3SO3)2. CH3CN.H2O (Eu within 1) and two other types of cryptates incorporating three 3,3'-biisoquinoline-2,2'-dioxide units has been performed. Structural crystallographic data of Eu within 1, electronic structure calculations and theoretical models were used to obtain the intramolecular(More)
A series of stable lanthanide complexes Na[Ln(L)4 ] (Ln=La3+ , Eu3+ , Gd3+ , Tb3+ , with L=dimethyl(4-methylphenylsulfonyl)amidophosphate and dimethyl-2-naphthylsulfonylamidophosphate) were synthesized. The compounds were characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, IR, absorption, and emission spectroscopy at 293 and 77 K. In contrast to the usual(More)
Absorption, emission, and excitation spectra for solid-state and solution of Tb(III), Dy(III), and Gd(III) complexes with the polypyridine ligand 6,6'-bis[bis(2-pyridylmethyl)-aminomethyl]-2,2'-bipyridine (C36H34N8) are presented. Measurements of excited-state lifetimes and quantum yields in various solvents at room temperature and 77 K are also reported(More)
A series of complexes Ln(Pip)3(Phen) (Ln(iii) = La, Ce-Nd, Sm-Lu, Y; HPip (CAPh type ligand) = 2,2,2-trichloro-N-(dipiperidin-1-yl-phosphoryl)acetamide, Phen = 1,10-phenanthroline) has been synthesized. The lanthanum(iii) doped europium(iii) complexes ([LaxEu1-x(Pip)3(Phen)], x = 0.99, 0.95, 0.50) have been obtained by the co-crystallization method. The(More)
Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) from selected transitions of Eu(III) in resolved single crystals of Na3[Eu(ODA)3].2NaClO4.6H2O are compared to CPL results obtained from solutions containing perturbed racemic mixtures of Eu(2,6-pyridine-dicarboxylate)3 (3-) and enantiomerically pure d-f helicate LambdaLambda-(-)EuCr(L8)3] in order to determine an(More)
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