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With the objective of encouraging and supporting more critical thinking about broad issues of computer science throughout the curriculum, we propose the widespread use of popular press (non-academic) books as supplemental texts for a variety of courses. Our hypothesis is that such books, which address topics including the history, current issues, and future(More)
In computer science, as well as in other disciplines, it is critical to the success of the educational process that students become actively engaged with the material, rather than passive recipients of it. Ideally, this interaction will begin <i>before</i> the class meets on a particular topic, in a process known as <i>inquiry-based learning</i>. This paper(More)
One of the guiding principles of <i>Computing Curriculum 2001</i> was to ensure that the computing curriculum was international in scope. This article provides a model for achieving this objective by identifying globalization issues that are relevant to computer science. The underlying premise of the model is that technology has enabled globalization while(More)
An important problem for computer scientists as well as geneticists involves classifying particular items into common groups. This paper focuses on classifying sequences of DNA as either an intron or an exon. Insights from this classification can reduce the time needed for laboratory work to distinguish between introns and exons. Using a classification tree(More)
The authors have instituted curricular changes at their institution that attempt to address the issue of declining enrollments in computer science courses. These changes involve a deliberate attempt to better demonstrate the inherent multidisciplinary nature of computing. More specifically, we illustrate how an auxiliary study of Alan Turing's original(More)
Uncertainty management is critical to the performance of knowledge-based systems in domains where inference through formal logic is inappropriate. A diverse set of techniques are available for reasoning in these domains. There are disadvantages associated with all of these methods that preclude their universal acceptance. This paper describes a new approach(More)