Paula Eronen

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Native cellulose nanofibers are functionalized using luminescent metal nanoclusters to form a novel type of functional nanocellulose/nanocluster composite. Previously, various types of cellulose fibers have been functionalized with large, non-luminescent metal nanoparticles. Here, mechanically strong native cellulose nanofibers, also called(More)
Carboxylated, anionic polysaccharides were selectively prepared using a combination of enzymatic and chemical reactions. The galactose-containing polysaccharides studied were spruce galactoglucomannan, guar galactomannan, and tamarind galactoxyloglucan. The galactosyl units of the polysaccharides were first oxidized with galactose oxidase (EC and(More)
Cellulosic model surfaces functionalized with chitosan, a naturally occurring cationic biomacromolecule, by in situ adsorption have been studied with an atomic force microscope (AFM) in colloidal probe configuration. The interaction forces on approach and separation, as well as the nanotribological properties, were shown to be highly pH-dependent, and a(More)
The multilayer formation between polyelectrolytes of opposite charge offers possibility for creating new tailored materials. Exchanging one or both components for charged nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) further increases the variety of achievable properties. We explored this by introducing unmodified, low charged NFC and high charged TEMPO-oxidized NFC.(More)
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