Paula Dávila

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A study of 94 slugs, collected from urban and rural areas in and around Léon, Nicaragua, was carried out in order to confirm the role of Vaginulus plebeius as an intermediate host of Angiostronglylus costaricensis. Third-stage larvae of A. costaricensis were obtained from these molluscs. Some of these larvae were then orally inoculated into two(More)
Genital primary herpes simplex infection is very uncommon in infants. Asymptomatic and oral primary infections are the most frequent presentations in this age group. We report a case of genital primary herpetic infection in a 5-month-old male, exclusively breastfed, whose mother suffered from active labial herpes.
The neurobiological correlates of human fluid intelligence (Gf) remain elusive. Here, we demonstrate that spatiotemporal dynamics of EEG activity correlate with baseline measures of Gf and with its modulation by cognitive training. EEG dynamics were assessed in 74 healthy participants by examination of fast-changing, recurring, topographically-defined(More)
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