Paula Cristina Pereira Dias

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Expression of PAX2 (Paired-box 2) is suppressed through promoter methylation at the later stages of embryonic development, but eventually reactivated during carcinogenesis. Pax-2 is commonly expressed in the most prevalent renal cell tumour (RCT) subtypes-clear cell RCC (ccRCC), papillary RCC (pRCC) and oncocytoma--but not in chromophobe RCC (chrRCC), which(More)
Infectious thoracic aortitis is a rare entity in the antibiotic era and usually appears in patients with prior aortic disease and/or associated infective endocarditis. Infected nonaneurysmal aorta will likely progress to mycotic aneurysm if left untreated. In most of the reports, infectious thoracic aortitis presents with a mycotic aneurysm. We report the(More)
We investigate whether a mosaic of habitats of different quality functions as a source-sink system for the Blue Tit Parus caeruleus L. Breeding parameters, especially laying date, clutch size and breeding success have been studied in relation to the food supply in three habitats: two habitats, one rich and one poor, next to each other on the mainland(More)
BACKGROUND Early warning score (EWS) is a system that assists in the timely recognition of hospitalized patients outside critical care areas with potential or established critical illness at risk of deteriorating and who may be receiving suboptimal care. No such systems have been implemented in Portuguese National Health Service's wards. We performed a(More)
Telangiectatic adenoma is a new classification of a hepatic lesion. It was previously named telangiectatic focal nodular hyperplasia but it is in fact true adenoma with telangiectatic features. We report here a case of telangiectatic adenoma in a 72-year-old woman. The image features are lack of a central scar, a heterogeneous lesion, hyperintensity in(More)
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