Paula Cristina Marques Cardoso

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Chromobacterium violaceum is one of millions of species of free-living microorganisms that populate the soil and water in the extant areas of tropical biodiversity around the world. Its complete genome sequence reveals (i) extensive alternative pathways for energy generation , (ii) Ϸ500 ORFs for transport-related proteins, (iii) complex and extensive(More)
Schistosomiasis control programs in Brazil have helped reduce prevalence and the severe forms of the disease, but have failed to prevent new foci from appearing, especially on the periphery of large cities. The current article aims to assess the prevalence of schistosomiasis and the presence of intermediates hosts for Schistosoma mansoni in the district of(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate assessment of estrogen (ER) and progesterone (PR) receptors is critical in predicting the response to endocrine therapies in breast cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS From a series of 360 patients with breast invasive carcinoma assessed for hormone receptors by immunohistochemistry (IHC) in the 90's, we re-analysed, on the same tumour(More)
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