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The purpose of this study was to demonstrate loss of proprioception with posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) deficiency. Eight patients with isolated PCL-deficient knees were examined to determine whether or not the proprioceptive function of the knee joint was affected or impaired by the previous tear of the PCL. The patients were examined for perception of(More)
OBJECTIVES To report, at two and 4 years post-trial, on the potential legacy of a 3-year randomized controlled clinical trial (RCT) of the Caries Management System (CMS) at private general dental practices. The CMS was designed to reduce caries risk and need for restorative care. METHODS Nineteen dental practices located in city, urban, and rural(More)
Of 208 ambulatory female subjects evaluated for complaints of urinary incontinence, complete history, physical findings, and urodynamic data were available on 163 patients allowing correlation of measures of perivaginal muscle activity to urethral profilometry measurement of sphincter strength. Perivaginal measures include pelvic digital exam score as well(More)
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