Paula Calkins

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The action of drugs on circular smooth muscle from rabbit renal artery, renal vein, mesenteric vein, inferior vena cava, guinea pig bronchus, and mouse trachea was studied using an inexpensive modification of the method of Bevan, Nielsen and Owman, and Bevan and Osher. Two 30-gauge disposable stainless steel hypodermic needles supported the tissue rings in(More)
The effect of various smooth muscle stimulants and relaxants was examined on isolated rabbit trachea and bronchus. Trachea contracted maximally in response to carbachol, slightly to KCl, and there was no response to serotonin or PGF2alpha. Relaxation of carbachol-contracted trachea was elicited by papaverine, aminophylline, isoproterenol, bradykinin, or(More)
Guinea pig bronchi sensitized to ovalbumin were set up in isolated tissue baths according to the method of Hooker and associates (1,2). In the presence of 10(-6)M atropine, pyrilamine, and indomethacin, concentrations of ovalbumin from 10(-9) to 10(-8) g per ml produced marked contraction of the bronchi. Generally, the antigen-induced contraction could be(More)
Dissection of graphs was outlined twenty years ago as a scheme to arrive at an integer characterization of graphs. The approach, which raises some mathematical questions as well as it offers novel structural descriptors of potential interest in structure-property studies, was apparently overlooked. In this contribution we have re-examined graph dissection,(More)
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