Paula Burd

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As part of the evaluation of porcine cells, tissues, and organs intended for transplantation into humans, we investigated the conditions required to induce expression and release of porcine endogenous retrovirus (PoEV) from primary cells. Pigs contain endogenous retroviral sequences encoding infectious retrovirus, yet little is known about the conditions(More)
1. Experiments have been made on the phrenic nerve and diaphragm of rats and mice in vitro at 37 degrees C. 2. The administration of the anticholinesterase drugs ecothiopate, ambenonium or neostigmine resulted in enhancement of the 'twitch' response to nerve stimulation which was often followed by a prolonged contraction lasting several seconds. 3. The(More)
Challenges posed by demographic and epidemiological changes and by the need to reduce costs have required the restructuring of the health services. Health innovations play a major role in this process, as technologies are fundamental both to expand the access and to adapt the system to the population's needs. However, the generation of health innovation is(More)
1. Experiments were carried out to investigate the accumulation from the extracellular medium of 45Ca2+ by the endplate region of skeletal muscle. 2. Mouse diaphragm muscle was incubated in physiological saline labelled with 45Ca at 37 degrees C for periods of up to 1.5 h. 3. The muscle was divided into junctional and non-junctional portions and the Ca from(More)
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