Paula Brough

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BACKGROUND Workplace mental health promotion (WMHP) aims to prevent and effectively manage the social and economic costs of common mental illnesses such as depression. The mental health of managers and employees within small-medium enterprises (SMEs) is a neglected sector in occupational health research and practice, despite the fact that this sector is the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of a programme of postoperative community surveillance on the rate of detection of wound complications after operation for inguinal hernia. DESIGN Prospective audit of wound complications including complications recorded in case notes and those discovered by community surveillance. SETTING Academic surgical unit of three(More)
The presence of adequate levels of social support has been demonstrated to reduce the adverse consequences of occupational stress outcomes. The difficulties in demonstrating the indirect effects of workplace support, however, have been acknowledged. One explanation for these difficulties is the inadequate definitions of the exact type of social support(More)
Occupational stress is an increasing health problem for the high-risk industries. The occupation of correctional officers has received relatively scant attention, contributing to a recent increase in formal occupational stress claims. This research evaluated the ability of the Job Demand-ControlSupport (JDCS) model to predict strain in 132 Australian(More)
In an ongoing prospective study of clean surgical procedures, patients have been examined by specialist research nurses on a minimum of three occasions during the postoperative period to determine the incidence of wound complications. Whereas a previous retrospective audit suggested a wound infection rate of 2%, this community surveillance programme(More)
Exposure to nature yields a wide range of mental health benefits. Improvements in mental health have substantial economic value, through: reduced mental healthcare costs; improved workplace productivity; and reduced costs of antisocial behavior, both public, and private. These economic gains represent an unquantified ecosystem service attributable to(More)
We report results from a post-program survey (n = 930) of participants in a non-profit outdoor health program targeted principally at women with families in Australia's metropolitan cities. We analyze communications, motivations, experiences, satisfaction, and intentions. The program involves 3 months' outdoor training in scenic locations, culminating in a(More)
Flexible work arrangements (FWAs) are often written into company policies to demonstrate organisational sensitivity to potentially difficult interfaces between employees’ work and non-work domains. The current research investigated employees’ use of FWAs and relationship to work engagement, with turnover intentions and psychological strain also used as(More)
The assessment of occupational stress is marred by an overwhelming adoption of simplistic research designs that generally fail to represent the complex reality of the occupational stress process. Informed by the theoretical tenants of both the transactional stress model and the job-demands-control-support model, this paper presents a rare simultaneous(More)