Paula Brito

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This paper introduces symbolic data analysis, explaining how it extends the classical data models to take into account more complete and complex information. Several examples motivate the approach, before the modeling of variables assuming new types of realizations are formally presented. Some methods for the (multivariate) analysis of symbolic data are(More)
In this paper we discuss some issues which arise when applying classical data analysis techniques to interval data, focusing on the notions of dispersion, association and linear combinations of interval variables. We present some methods that have been proposed for analysing this kind of data, namely for clustering, discriminant analysis, linear regression(More)
HIV-1 is a complex retrovirus that uses host machinery to promote its replication. Understanding cellular proteins involved in the multistep process of HIV-1 infection may result in the discovery of more adapted and effective therapeutic targets. Kinases and phosphatases are a druggable class of proteins critically involved in regulation of signal pathways(More)
The lack of kinetic data concerning the biological effects of reactive oxygen species is slowing down the development of the field of redox signaling. Herein, we deduced and applied equations to estimate kinetic parameters from typical redox signaling experiments. H2O2-sensing mediated by the oxidation of a protein target and the switch-off of this sensor,(More)
This paper presents a method for clustering a set of symbolic data where individuals are described by symbolic variables of various types: interval, categorical multi-valued or modal variables, which take into account the variability or uncertainty present in the data. Hierarchical and pyramidal clustering models are considered. The constructed clusters(More)
Preface The organizers of the 3rd Workshop in Symbolic Data Analysis are pleased to present this book that gathers the abstracts of the works that will be presented during the Workshop. This workshop is the third regular meeting of researchers interested in Symbolic Data Analysis. The main aim of the event is to favor the meeting of people and the exchange(More)
Histogram-valued variables are a particular kind of variables studied in Symbolic Data Analysis where to each entity under analysis corresponds a distribution that may be represented by a histogram or by a quantile function. Linear regression models for this type of data are necessarily more complex than a simple generalization of the classical model: the(More)