Paula Breuer

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We investigated cardiac perception in panic disorder with both self-report and objective measures. In Study 1, 120 patients with panic disorder, 86 infrequent panickers, and 38 patients with other anxiety disorders reported greater cardiac and gastrointestinal awareness than 62 normal control subjects. Subjects with panic attacks reported greater cardiac(More)
BACKGROUND The high coincidence of organic vestibular and somatoform vertigo syndromes has appeared to support pathogenic models showing a strong linkage between them. It was hypothesised that a persisting vestibular dysfunction causes the development of anxiety disorders. OBJECTIVE To determine the relation between vestibular deficits and somatoform(More)
A high degree of psychiatric disorders has repeatedly been described among patients with organic vertigo syndromes and attributed to vestibular dysfunction. Yet almost no investigations exist which differentiate between various organic vertigo syndromes with regard to psychiatric comorbidity. The following prospective, interdisciplinary study was carried(More)
Palpitations are among the most common symptoms of panic attacks. The present review addresses the question of whether systematic differences in heartbeat perception exist between patients with panic disorder and control subjects. Paradigms involving the comparison of heartbeat sensations with external signals such as discrimination task have failed to find(More)
Results on cardiac awareness in panic disorder are inconsistent. The present study attempted to clarify whether differences in instructions or the inclusion of patients taking antidepressant medication could account for these inconsistencies. 112 patients with panic disorder with agoraphobia were compared to 40 normal controls on the heartbeat perception(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of brief therapy dog visits to an outpatient pain management facility compared with time spent in a waiting room. DESIGN The design of this study is open-label. Setting.  This study was conducted in a university tertiary care adult chronic pain outpatient clinic. SUBJECTS The subjects of(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic urticaria (CU), one of the most common skin disorders, is characterized by spontaneous recurrent bouts of weals and pruritus and associated with severely impaired quality of life (QoL). OBJECTIVES To determine what aspects of life quality are affected and to characterize the factors that impact on QoL in CU patients. SUBJECTS AND(More)
BACKGROUND Fibromyalgia is associated with substantial functional disability. Current drug and non-drug treatments result in statistically significant but numerically small improvements in typical numeric measures of pain severity and fibromyalgia impact. OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to evaluate additional measures of pain severity and(More)
Two hundred and two consecutive patients with dizziness were evaluated using blind neuro-otological testing and examination, blind psychiatric examination, including structured interviews (according to DSM-IV), the Symptom Check-List (SCL 90 R), and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI). In 28% of the patients (N=50) dizziness was of organic origin (O(More)
The late positive components of lambda responses were studied in a guessing task modified in such a way that subjects had to perform a saccadic eye movement in order to perceive task-relevant information. Responses from 6 scalp areas were investigated in 9 subjects and in 2 conditions: control and guessing. In both conditions subjects performed two(More)