Paula Bertón

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In the present work, a simple and rapid analytical method based on application of ionic liquids (ILs) for inorganic Co(II) species (iCo) microextraction in a variety of nutrient supplements was(More)
Ultrasound leaching-dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction using solidification of floating organic droplet (USL-DLLME-SFO) technique is proposed for extraction and isolation of polybrominated(More)
A highly efficient single-drop microextraction (SDME) procedure using a low-cost room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL), i.e., tetradecyl(trihexyl)phosphonium chloride (CYPHOS IL 101), for Pb(More)
A liquid-liquid extraction procedure (L-L) based on room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL) was developed for the preconcentration and determination of mercury in different water samples. The analyte(More)
In this work, a method for the determination of trace nitrotyrosine (NO(2)Tyr) and tyrosine (Tyr) in Arabidopsis thaliana cell cultures is proposed. Due to the complexity of the resulting extracts(More)