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Sixty-two vinyl polysiloxane casts from subjects in the lying, supine position were measured for surface area with five shapes: conical, parallel sides, heart, slug, and pumpkin seed being included. The surface areas ranged from 65.73 to 107.07 cm(2) with a mean of 87.46 cm(2) and a standard deviation of 7.80 cm(2). There were no significant differences in(More)
Full vaginal casts of 39 caucasian women, 13 each nulliparous, uniparous and multiparous, were made using vinyl polysiloxane impression material. Vaginal lengths were measured with polished acrylic rods inserted by the subjects, and introital diameters were measured with conical polypropylene flasks. Parallel sided, conical, heart, and slug shapes were(More)
Anorganic preparations of the distal metaphyseal and epiphyseal regions of the femoral bones from young male rats given 150 ppm fluoride in the drinking water for 10 weeks were examined by scanning electron microscopy. Longitudinal sections of the bones revealed an increase in the zone of mature hypertrophied cells of the epiphyseal plates as compared with(More)
Ultrastructural examination of the follicular envelope of the teleost, Oryzias latipes, during ovulation in vitro showed that the follicle cell layer became increasingly dissociated. Microfilaments, measuring 50-70 A, were sparse in the thecal cells at the start of incubation, but were organized into bands after 5 hr, and into bundles after 10 hr of(More)
Ovulation in vitro from isolated follicles of the teleost fish, Oryzias latipes (the madaka), is completely and reversibly inhibited by cytochalasin B. Ultrastructural examination of treated follicles shows no morphological changes in microfilament populations within the follicle, but shows an increasing number of small holes in the basal lamina between the(More)
Female rats were given 150 ppm fluoride in the drinking water during three successive pregnancy and lactation periods; the femoral diaphyses were then examined for morphological alterations by light and scanning electron microscopy to determine the influence of fluoride ingestion during multiple pregnancies and lactations. The periosteal surface was(More)
Ovaries from hCG-injected hamsters were examined during a timed series starting 14 h before and ending 4 h after expected ovulation. Beginning about 4 h before expected ovulation, large wrinkles were seen at the bases of follicles as stigma formation began. Apical surface epithelial cells were frequently found in folds bordering small areas where widely(More)
Sixty subjects between the ages of 18 and 50 were used in this study. Thirty of these were known alcoholics undergoing detoxification and treatment while the remainder were non-alcoholics of known fecundity. Semen samples from each subject were evaluated for volume, pH, and sperm viability, motility and concentration. While semen volume was significantly(More)
Full vinyl polysiloxane casts of the vagina were obtained from 23 Afro-American, 39 Caucasian and 15 Hispanic women in lying, sitting and standing positions. A new shape, the pumpkin seed, was found in 40% of Afro-American women, but not in Caucasians or Hispanics. Analyses of cast and introital measurements revealed: (1) posterior cast length is(More)