Paula A Harrison

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This article presents evidence that sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates are responsive to increases in alcohol taxes and in the drinking age. The presumed relationship is that a more restrictive alcohol policy reduces alcohol consumption, which in turn decreases risky sexual activity. Reduced-form regressions of STD rates on state alcohol taxes for the(More)
This article focuses on the development and pilot-testing of 10 reflective journal prompts designed to stimulate reflection on emotional intelligence competencies. Goleman's framework of emotional intelligence domains and 18 competencies was used to guide development of the prompts and analysis of student (N = 16) responses. A review of the literature(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify factors affecting the outcomes of surgery for acetabular fracture in patients over the age of 60 years. DESIGN Retrospective review of records and radiographs; current examination, radiographs and outcome surveys when possible. SETTING Academic, Level 1 trauma center. PATIENTS/PARTICIPANTS Forty-eight patients over age 60 with(More)
This article describes the automation of an in vitro cell-based fusion assay for the identification of novel inhibitors of receptor mediated HIV-1 entry. The assay utilises two stable cell lines: one expressing CD4, CCR5 and an LTR-promoter/beta-galactosidase reporter construct, and the other expressing gp160 and tat. Accumulation of beta-galactosidase can(More)
The study aimed to explore the impact of screening pre-registration nursing students for an SpLD at entry to an education programme, and the provision of specialist support for those identified as 'at risk'. Progression was monitored using a multiple method approach. 242 (98%) students completed and returned the Adult Dyslexia Check List (ADCL). 69 scored 7(More)
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