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An Abutilon Nomenclator (Malvaceae)
The present nomenclator brings together, on a global basis, more than 500 names in specific rank, a number ofNames in infraspecific rank, and 25 names in infrageneric rank, giving bibliographic detail and typification information for each name as far as it is available.
Las especies sudamericanas de Hibiscus secc. Furcaria DC. (Malvaceae - Hibisceae)
The Hibiscus section Furcaria from South America is revised and ten new species from Brasil are described, with two new names being proposed: Hilarianus from Brazil and H. amambayensis from Paraguay.
Allosidastrum, un nuevo género de Malvaceae de los neotrópicos
Four species that have been variously included by previous authors in the genera Sida or Pseudabutilon are segregated as the distinct genus, Allosidastrum (Hochr.) stat. nov. A .,dolichophyllum from