Paula A. Da Costa

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Genomic imprinting marks in the male germ line are already established in the adult germinal stem cell population. We studied the methylation patterns of H19 and MEST imprinted genes in sperm of control and oligozoospermic patients, by bisulphite genomic sequencing. We here report that 7 out of 15 (46.7%) patients with a sperm count below 10 x 10(6)/ml(More)
Amyloid is a term used to describe protein deposits with circumscript physical characteristics: beta-pleated sheet configuration, apple green birefringence under polarized light after Congo red staining, fibrillary structure and high insolubility. Cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) defines a clinicopathological phenomenon characterized by amyloid deposition(More)
Gastric cancer remains a major cause of death in the developed countries, and a large percentage is still genetically unexplained. Because of their major role in cell survival, mutations in translation factors and altered expression of these genes have been associated with cancer development. Apart from its role in translation termination, the eukaryotic(More)
The DAZ gene, a contributing factor in infertility, lies on the human Y chromosome's AZFc region, whose deletion is a common cause of spermatogenic failure. Y chromosome binary polymorphisms on the non-recombining Y (NRY) region, believed to be a single occurrence on an evolutionary scale, were typed in a sample of fertile and infertile men with known DAZ(More)
Increased tomato fruit quality in response to increased salinity is well documented (Li, 2000). However, the increased fruit quality is achieved at the expenses of severe yield losses mostly due to reduced fruit size (fresh weight) and increased incidence of physiological disorders such as blossom end rot (BER). The ability to minimize the negative effects(More)
Mexico is bursting with recently developed greenhouse vegetable production facilities, estimated at 92,000 metric tons and worth $225 million in 2002. The total estimated area of protected horticulture in Mexico is approximately 2,208 hectares with 539 ha planned for construction (insect screen only operations not included). Currently, tomato production(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The impact of body mass index (BMI) on outcome in stroke patients treated with intravenous thrombolysis (IVT) was investigated. METHODS In a multicentre IVT-register-based observational study, BMI with (i) poor 3-month outcome (i.e. modified Rankin Scale scores 3-6), (ii) death and (iii) symptomatic intracranial haemorrhage (sICH)(More)
The study tested the Reformulated Helplessness model that individuals who show combined internal locus of control, high stability and high globality attributions for negative life events are prone to depression. Thirty-six women (M=29 years-8 months of age) receiving clinical treatment for eating disorders completed: the Attribution Style Questionnaire, the(More)
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