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Respiratory failure of different origins often requires therapy with mechanical ventilation and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP). These supports are occasionally inadequate if the damage to one lung is significantly more pronounced than that to the other lung. Technical means exist to ventilate each lung independently or to provide a different PEEP(More)
The Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System (TISS) has been introduced (Cullen DJ, Civetta JM, Briggs BA, et al: Therapeutic intervention scoring system: A method for quantitative comparison of patient care. Crit Care Med 2:57-60, 1974) at the Massachusetts General Hospital as a means of quantifying the medical and nursing care required by critically ill(More)
Five mechanically ventilated patients were studied during hemodialysis. The aim was to determine if hypoxemia would develop, and to identify the causes. Respiratory variables (dynamic compliance, peak airway pressure, CO2production); oxygen uptake, and transport variables (alveolar and arterial PO2, pulmonary venous admixture, oxygen consumption);(More)
A radioisotope method has been developed for measuring the stimulation-evoked release of acetylcholine without the use of cholinesterase inhibitors from the mouse hemidiaphragm preparation which had been loaded with 3H-choline. Evidence has been obtained that 3H-choline was taken up by and released from both innervated and non-innervated mouse hemidiaphragm(More)
Using a sensitive radioactive method that measures selectively the evoked release of acetylcholine, it was demonstrated that, when stimulating at 50 Hz, tubocurarine or pancuronium 2 X 10(-5) mol litre-1 or hexamethonium 10(-3) mol litre-1 significantly decreased the evoked release of acetylcholine in the mouse in vitro phrenic nerve-hemidiaphragm(More)
Patients treated with bleomycin are at risk of developing the acute adult respiratory distress syndrome post-operatively. In a prospective study of 12 patients who had received bleomycin preoperatively and were undergoing removal of retroperitoneal lymph nodes or pulmonary metastases several preventive factors were established. These were the use of low(More)
In order to extend the characterization of muscarinic receptors at presynaptic sites their inhibitory effect on the stimulation-evoked release of [3H]noradrenaline and [3H]acetylcholine from different axon terminals was studied and the dissociation constants and potencies of different antagonists were estimated, in guinea-pig and rat. While oxotremorine(More)
During the past decade, one of the major changes in the field of oncology has been in the surgical approach to primary and secondary cancer of the liver. As a result of data and experience gained in liver transplantation programs and with the application of vascular surgical principles, resectability rates have been increased. The present rate of 32% has(More)