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Some of this research was first presented at a workshop on the syllable organized by Caroline Féry and Ruben van de Vijver and will appear in the proceedings of that workshop. I am grateful to the organizers and audience of the workshop, to the UMass weekly phonology group ((especially Andrea Calabrese). Special mention: Paul Kiparsky forced me to reexamine(More)
discussion of this material. I am especially grateful to Colin Wilson for his thoughtful and open responses to several long e-mails. An associate editor and three anonymous reviewers have also offered helpful suggestions. I alone am responsible for everything here. In his article 'Consonant cluster neutralisation and targeted constraints' (Phonology 2001),(More)
1. Introduction Many phonological and morphological phenomena affect only one edge of a constituent − not both left and right edges. Three of the more well known cases are listed below: (1) (a) Positional Preservation: Underlying phonological material can resist neutralization at the left edge of a constituent, but not at the right edge. (b) Iambic Footing(More)