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MMPI responses were obtained from three groups of college women (n = 171): those reporting child/adult sexual contact with father/stepfather, with other persons, and a control group reporting no such experience. A comparison of group mean MMPI validity and clinical scales showed the father/stepfather group to have several subscales elevated to clinically(More)
Further comment and analyses of data from 103 alcoholics indicate less internal consistency in alcoholics' responding than in normals, no tendency for innovative alcoholics to engage in more hostile/aggressive behaviors than adaptor alcoholics, and a likelihood that more than three factors for alcoholics would be required to account for variance comparable(More)
To investigate concurrent validity and test-retest reliability of the Information Processing Styles, 62 students majoring in social sciences evaluated the accuracy of the checklist in describing their dominant types. Each student had a friend who read the descriptions of the dominant type(s) of the student and rated their perceived accuracy of that(More)
Dabrowski's (1972) theory of positive disintegration argues that anxiety appears to be the dynamic of self-actualization. A study to assess this hypothesis (Wilkins, Hjelle, & Thompson, 1977) reported that self-actualization was incompatible with chronic, debilitating or neurotic anxiety. The current study further examined the empirical and conceptual(More)
It was predicted from Freud's seduction theory that women who experienced sexual assault early in life would be identifiable by the MMPI. Twenty-six of 51 women treated at a psychotherapy clinic during a 2-year period reported experiencing sexual abuse as a child (RA); 25 made no such claim (NRA). Age, income level, years of formal education, marital(More)
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