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MMPI responses were obtained from three groups of college women (n = 171): those reporting child/adult sexual contact with father/stepfather, with other persons, and a control group reporting no such experience. A comparison of group mean MMPI validity and clinical scales showed the father/stepfather group to have several subscales elevated to clinically(More)
We sought to identify variables that contribute to euthanasia attitude and behavior, including demographics, death fears, experience with death, attitudes toward patient autonomy, and level of moral development. Subjects were 137 registered nurses from the southeastern United States representing 13 clinical nursing areas. Principal components analysis(More)
The present study reports a factor analysis of the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory using 103 alcoholic men. Kirton in 1976 and we in an unpublished work in 1986 noted identical factor structures when responses from nonalcoholic populations to the inventory were factor analyzed. Recent reviews regarding personality characteristics of alcoholics suggest(More)