Paul Yiu

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Optic axons regenerate into normal but not acellular peripheral nerve (PN) grafts. The first axons penetrate the PN graft before 5 days and grow inside the basal lamina tubes amongst the Schwann cells. By 30 days, 4% of the surviving retinal ganglion cells (RGC) regenerate axons for at least 10 mm into the PN graft. Laminin rich basal lamina tubes persist(More)
The intersections of the corresponding sidelines of the cevian triangles of two points P0 and P1 form the anticevian triangle of a point T (P0, P1). We prove a number of interesting results relating the pair of inscribed conics with perspectors (Brianchon points) P0 and P1, in particular, a simple description of the fourth common tangent of the conics. We(More)
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