Paul Yeh

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Bromodomain and extra terminal protein (BET) inhibitors are first-in-class targeted therapies that deliver a new therapeutic opportunity by directly targeting bromodomain proteins that bind acetylated chromatin marks. Early clinical trials have shown promise, especially in acute myeloid leukaemia, and therefore the evaluation of resistance mechanisms is(More)
This paper proposes a unified model for the representation and the manipulation of multidimensional spatial data. The model used is a particular case of the representation by constraint called "polyhedron". To model more accurately the reality, a Geographic Information System (GIS) has to take into account-besides cartographic 2D data-the 3D and 4D aspect(More)
Many cancer clinical trials now specify the particular status of a genetic lesion in a patient's tumor in the inclusion or exclusion criteria for trial enrollment. To facilitate search and identification of gene-associated clinical trials by potential participants and clinicians, it is important to develop automated methods to identify genetic information(More)
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