Paul Yee

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| In this paper we exploit the one-to-one correspondences between the recursive least-squares (RLS) and Kalman variables to formulate extended forms of the RLS algorithm. Two particular forms of the extended RLS algorithm are considered, one pertaining to a system identiication problem and the other pertaining to the tracking of a chirped sinusoid in(More)
—In this paper, constructive approximation theorems are given which show that under certain conditions, the standard Nadaraya-Watson regression estimate (NWRE) can be considered a specially regularized form of radial basis function networks (RBFN's). From this and another related result, we deduce that regularized RBFN's are m.s. consistent, like the NWRE(More)
A dynamic network of regularized Gaussian radial basis functions (GaRBF) is described for the one-step prediction of nonlinear, nonstationary autoregressive (NLAR) processes governed by a smooth process map and a zero-mean, independent additive disturbance process of bounded variance. For N basis functions, both full-order and reduced-order updating(More)
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