Paul Y. Chen

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BACKGROUND Glycohemoglobin (gHb), measured as hemoglobin (Hb) A(1c) or as total gHb, provides a common means for assessing long-term glycemic control in individuals with diabetes mellitus. Genetic variants and chemically modified derivatives of Hb can profoundly affect the accuracy of these measurements, although effects vary considerably among commercially(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of violence-related behaviours among adolescents and the factors associated with it. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a cross-sectional school survey conducted on 4500 adolescent students, using a structured questionnaire. Data were collected using the supervised self-administered(More)
  • P C Chen
  • 1979
Malaysia has a large variety of traditional medical systems that are a direct reflection of the wide ethnic diversity of its population. These can be grouped into four basic varieties, namely, traditional "native," traditional Chinese, traditional Indian and modern medicine, examples of which are described. In spite of the great inroads made by modern(More)
Complementary treatment approaches have been increasingly demanded by women during the last several decades to relieve their gynecological disorders, reduce side effects of conventional hormonal or cancer treatment, and enhance health-related quality of life. As many women do not disclose their complementary therapies to their gynecologists or oncologists,(More)
A comparative study has been made of the catalepsy-inducing and antiapomorphine effects of DD-3480, a new butyrophenone derivative, and haloperidol in monkeys. DD-3480 exhibited catalepsy-inducing effects in a dose-dependent manner at oral doses of 2.5-10 mg/kg. This effect was comparable to that of haloperidol, but its duration was shorter in DD-3480 than(More)
MRI studies to date have confirmed and expanded upon findings of morphologic differences between the brains of subjects with DS and those of the general population found by CT and post-mortem examination. [table; see text] Hippocam pal and neocortical structures are smaller in DS while unexpectedly the parahippocampal gyrus was found to be larger. MRI has(More)
  • P C Chen
  • 1983
SUMMARY A recent anthropometric study of Sabah reported that 37.1 percent of children were nutritional dwarfs, 12.5 percent were acutely malnourished and 9.4 percent were stunted and wasted. It was also noted that Muruts were among the top five most malnourished ethnic groups in Sabah. The present study looks at the ecological basis of malnutrition among(More)
  • P C Chen
  • 1979
The permainan puteri (usually abbreviated to main puteri) is an indigenous Kelantanese healing ceremony in which the bomoh (traditional medicine-man), the sick individual and other participants become spirit-medium through whom puteri (spirits) are able to enact a permainan ('play'). It has been successfully used as a psychotherapy for depression. The bomoh(More)
The time evolution of the histogram (number of pixels versus signal intensity) is used to calculate delta R2 parameters from dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the brain. This method partially corrects for partial volume effects and is an improvement over the approach using the signal intensity as a function of time when(More)