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The citations to a set of academic articles are typically unevenly shared, with many articles attracting few citations and few attracting many. It is important to know more precisely how citations are distributed in order to help statistical analyses of citations, especially for sets of articles from a single discipline and a small range of years, as(More)
Citations are increasingly used for research evaluations. It is therefore important to identify factors affecting citation scores that are unrelated to scholarly quality or usefulness so that these can be taken into account. Regression is the most powerful statistical technique to identify these factors and hence it is important to identify the best(More)
— The study of protocol behavior and traffic characteristics in a simulated environment is commonly supported by ad-hoc or general purpose simulators (e.g., Opnet, NS-2). But as the complexity of the network to be simulated grows, event-driven simulation could become the bottleneck of any performance analysis. Here, we propose an analytical technique for a(More)
We discuss design strategies and system development in relation to an interactive sound installation created for the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast 1. In contrast to other initiatives involving music in health care environments, the impetus of this project does not reflect therapeutic concerns, but rather the intent of enriching hospital users'(More)