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PILATUS is a silicon hybrid pixel detector system, operating in single-photon-counting mode, that has been developed at the Paul Scherrer Institut for the needs of macromolecular crystallography at the Swiss Light Source (SLS). A calibrated PILATUS module has been characterized with monochromatic synchrotron radiation. The influence of charge sharing on the(More)
review how geometry and algebra can be linked using a new free software package, with The renowned UK mathematician, Sir Michael Atiyah, refers to geometry and algebra as " the two formal pillars of mathematics " because they both have been, and remain, fundamental to mathematics. Recently, the mathematics education team at the University of Southampton,(More)
The Materials Science beamline at the Swiss Light Source has been operational since 2001. In late 2010, the original wiggler source was replaced with a novel insertion device, which allows unprecedented access to high photon energies from an undulator installed in a medium-energy storage ring. In order to best exploit the increased brilliance of this new(More)
The use of an area detector in grazing-incidence X-ray experiments lends many advantages in terms of both speed and reliability. Here a discussion is given of the procedures established using the PILATUS pixel detector developed at the Swiss Light Source for optimizing data acquisition and analysis of surface diffraction data at the Materials Science(More)
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