Paul Weeks

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In conclusion, animal experiments have shown the following: (1) extensive elevation (mobilization) of a nerve from its bed does not interfere with its capacity to regenerate as long as the longitudinal epineural vessels are preserved, (2) suturing nerve ends under tension has a deleterious effect on the final results, (3) when a segment of nerve has been(More)
This study was undertaken to definitively describe the internal anatomy of the median nerve. Thirty median nerves were dissected in the distal forearm and hand. Sixteen nerves were sectioned every 250 to 1000 microns along their length. Computer programs were developed in our laboratory to digitize and store the data. Analysis of our data has shown the(More)
The increasing use of botulinum toxin type-A, especially for focal dystonia and spasticity has highlighted the issue of secondary non-responsiveness. Within the last few years botulinum toxin type-B (Myobloc/Neurobloc) has become commercially available as an alternative to type-A. This paper discusses our initial experience of botulinum toxin type-B in a(More)
We evaluated 123 patients in which we treated 150 fractured fingers primarily. Sixty-seven percent of these fractured fingers required open reduction with internal fixation; the remainder had closed reduction with internal or external fixation, or immediate arthrodeses. Active and passive range-of-motion (ROM) exercises were usually begun within 3 days(More)
Active elbow flexion is required to position the hand in space, and loss of this function is debilitating. Nerve transfers or nerve grafts to restore elbow flexion may be options when the target muscle is viable, but in delayed reconstruction when the biceps and brachialis are atrophied or damaged, muscle transfer options should be considered. Muscle(More)
  • Matthew M. Chingos, Beth Akers, +10 authors Ellie Klein
  • 2013
ver the next two years, the biggest changes to standardized testing in the U.S. in more than a decade will be put in place as 45 states implement the Common Core standards in math and English language arts (ELA). These states, which comprise 85 percent of American students, will adopt new assessment systems aimed at measuring whether students are learning(More)
A case is reported of the delayed onset of multiple nerve dysfunction after simple carpal tunnel release. The patient received a local anesthetic with the use of an arm tourniquet. The multiple dysfunctions included radial sensory and motor dysfunction at 5 days, anterior interosseous nerve syndrome at 33 days, and ulna intrinsic motor loss between 33 and(More)