Paul Weber

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Event-related potentials (ERPs) have been used extensively to study the processes involved in recognition memory. In particular, the early familiarity component of recognition has been linked to the FN400 (mid-frontal negative deflection between 300 and 500 ms), whereas the recollection component has been linked to a later positive deflection over the(More)
In order to detect automation failures in time, operators are required to monitor automated systems efficiently. The present study analyzed eye movements to predict whether or not subjects would detect an automation failure. Eye movements were recorded whilst subjects were monitoring an automated system where automation failures sometimes occur. The data(More)
Some test procedures of the computer assisted instrumentation system COMBITEST 2 were examined in order to evaluate the strength of diagnostical differentiation. For this purpose tests for evaluating the concentration capacity and the psychomotor performance, especially tapping, were used in a sample of 92 neurological patients (60 patients with and 32(More)