Paul Weber

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Event-related potentials (ERPs) have been used extensively to study the processes involved in recognition memory. In particular, the early familiarity component of recognition has been linked to the FN400 (mid-frontal negative deflection between 300 and 500 ms), whereas the recollection component has been linked to a later positive deflection over the(More)
The temporal lobe has a role in memory and learning. The objective of this study was to assess the activity of neurons in the temporal cortex of humans during learning. Single neuron activity was recorded with extracellular microelectrodes in adults undergoing awake craniotomies for resections for medically intractable epilepsy. Participants were(More)
Signal intensities from intermediate and T2 weighted spin echo images of the brain were used as inputs into an artificial neural network (ANN). The signal intensities were used to train the network to recognize anatomically-important segments. The ANN was a self-organizing map (SOM) neural network which develops a continuous topographical map of the signal(More)
Fifty consecutive patients requiring posterior cervical fusion for various pathologies were treated with Halifax interlaminar clamps for internal spinal fixation. Fusion involved the C1-2 level in 17 cases, the C1-3 level in one, and the lower cervical area (C2-7) in 32. No patient was lost to follow-up review, which varied from 6 to 40 months (average 21(More)
Twenty-one patients requiring posterior cervical fusion were treated with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging-compatible Halifax interlaminar clamps for internal fixation. Various levels were involved: the C1-2 level in eight cases, the C4-5 level in four, the C5-6 level in three, the C6-7 level in three, the C4-6 level in two, and the C5-7 level in one.(More)
In order to detect automation failures in time, operators are required to monitor automated systems efficiently. The present study analyzed eye movements to predict whether or not subjects would detect an automation failure. Eye movements were recorded whilst subjects were monitoring an automated system where automation failures sometimes occur. The data(More)