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This paper presents a high-level overview of the design and implementation of the core components of the OGSA-DAI project. It describes the design decisions made, the project’s interaction with the Data Access and Integration Working Group of the Global Grid Forum and provides an overview of implementation characteristics. Further details of the(More)
The UK e-Science Programme is a £250M, 5 year initiative which has funded over 100 projects. These application-led projects are under-pinned by an emerging set of core middleware services that allow the coordinated, collaborative use of distributed resources. This set of middleware services runs on top of the research network and beneath the applications we(More)
Distributed query processing (DQP) has been widely used in data intensive applications where data of relevance to users is stored in multiple locations. This paper argues: (i) that DQP can be important in the Grid, as a means of providing high-level, declarative languages for integrating data access and analysis; and (ii) that the Grid provides resource(More)
Service-based approaches (such as Web Services and the Open Grid Services Architecture) have gained considerable attention recently for supporting distributed application development in e-business and e-science. The emergence of a service-oriented view of hardware and software resources raises the question as to how database management systems and(More)
  • Paul Watson
  • Journal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems and…
  • 2011
Cloud computing has the potential to provide low-cost, scalable computing, but cloud security is a major area of concern. Many organizations are therefore considering using a combination of a secure internal cloud, along with (what they perceive to be) less secure public clouds. However, this raises the issue of how to partition applications across a set of(More)
Caries occurs at inaccessible stagnation sites where plaque removal is difficult. Here, the penetration through plaque of protective components, such as fluoride, is likely to be crucial in caries inhibition. We hypothesized that topically applied fluoride would readily penetrate such plaque deposits. In this study, plaque biofilms generated in vivo on(More)
The Grid is an emerging infrastructure that supports the discovery, access and use of distributed computational resources. The emergence of a serviceoriented view of hardware and software resources on the grid raises the question as to how database management systems and technologies can best be deployed or adapted for use in such an environment. We argue(More)
OGSA-DQP is a distributed query processor exposed to users as an Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA)-compliant Grid service. This service supports the compilation and evaluation of queries that combine data obtained from multiple services on the Grid, including Grid Database Services (GDSs) and computational web services. Not only does OGSA-DQP support(More)