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The authors investigated the lexical entry for morphologically complex words in English, Six experiments , using a cross-modal repetition priming task, asked whether the lexical entry for derivation-ally suffixed and prefixed words is morphologically structured and how this relates to the semantic and phonological transparency of the surface relationship(More)
1 We are grateful to those people who donated their voices and faces for experimental stimuli, to Brynmor Thomas and Alice Murphy for their help with data collection and analysis, and to Christian Langstrof and Margaret Maclagan for providing comments on an earlier draft. This paper has also greatly benefited from the comments of Stefanie Jannedy, and three(More)
The use of task context to guide the delivery of information to knowledge workers is valuable for improving their efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, the sharing of context between individuals can aid the sharing of knowledge. This paper describes research in the ACTIVE project which uses context to support information delivery and sharing. Machine(More)
It is well established that speakers accommodate in speech production. Recent work has shown a similar effect in perception-speech perception is affected by a listener's beliefs about the speaker. In this paper, we explore the consequences of such perceptual accommodation for experiments in speech perception and lexical access. Our interest is whether(More)
This article describes a new vision of the semantic Web as a knowledge management environment introduces new requirements, including the ability to semiautomatically learn ontologies and extract metadata. The article's general tenor, and particularly their scenario demonstrating how the semantic Web might be used, was directed toward identifying and using(More)
This paper reports on an experiment to determine the optimal parameters for a speech recogniser that is part of a computer aided instruction system for assisting learners of English as a Second Language. The recogniser uses Hidden Markov Model (HMM) technology. To find the best choice of parameters for the recogniser, an exhaustive experiment with 2370(More)
Knowledge workers are central to an organization's success, yet their information management tools often hamper their productivity. This has major implications for businesses across the globe because their commercial advantage relies on the optimal exploitation of their own enterprise information, the huge volumes of online information, and the productivity(More)