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BACKGROUND There is a need for a brief and simple screen for personality disorders that can be used in routine psychiatric assessments. AIMS To test the concurrent validity and test-retest reliability of a brief screen for personality disorder. METHOD Sixty psychiatric patients were administered a brief screening interview for personality disorder. On(More)
BACKGROUND Depression in primary care is common but under-recognized and suboptimally managed. Health professionals' attitudes are likely to play an important part in their recognition and management of depression. OBJECTIVES To pool findings from studies using the Depression Attitude Questionnaire (DAQ) to provide greater detail of clinicians' attitudes(More)
OBJECTIVE People with coronary heart disease (CHD) are at heightened risk of depression, and this co-occurrence of conditions is associated with poorer outcomes including raised mortality. This study compares the diagnostic accuracy of two depression case finding instruments in CHD patients relative to a diagnostic standard, the revised Clinical Interview(More)
BACKGROUND An association between depression and coronary heart disease is now accepted but there has been little primary care research on this topic. The UPBEAT-UK studies are centred on a cohort of primary patients with coronary heart disease assessed every six months for up to four years. The aim of this research was to determine the prevalence and(More)
BACKGROUND Patients can report positive effects of myocardial infarction. It is unknown whether these effects are sustained or what factors influence adaptation. OBJECTIVES To explore primary care patients' perceptions of the effect of coronary heart disease and to identify possible modifiable predictors of adaptation. DESIGN AND SETTING(More)
Despite current debate on the methodology of existing research into depression and anxiety disorders, there is still general agreement that recognition rates of these conditions in primary care could be improved. This review examines the factors that influence recognition of these disorders from both the patients' perspective and the primary care givers'(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is common in people with coronary heart disease (CHD) and associated with worse outcome. This study explored the acceptability and feasibility of procedures for a trial and for an intervention, including its potential costs, to inform a definitive randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a nurse-led personalised care intervention for(More)
BACKGROUND Antidepressant prescribing should reflect need. The Quality and Outcomes Framework has provided an opportunity to explore factors affecting antidepressant prescribing in UK general practice. AIMS To explore the relationship between physical illness, social deprivation, ethnicity, practice characteristics and the volume of antidepressants(More)