Paul Waller

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Older drivers constitute the most rapidly growing segment of the driving population in number of drivers licensed, miles driven, and proportion of the driving population. Yet the highway transportation system has not been designed for these drivers. This lack of fit is reflected in the accelerating rate of crashes per mile driven experienced by older(More)
It is well established that alcohol (ethanol) is associated with increased probability of traumatic injury. This relationship has been attributed to alcohol's impairment of judgment and psychomotor performance, leading to increased probability of an injury-producing mishap. Once an accident occurs, it is widely believed that alcohol may protect against(More)
This paper summarises lessons learned in relation to an ongoing study to collect feedback on e-government systems that have been implemented to e-enable several core administrative functions in the UK as part of the I-MEET project. Previous work summarises findings from surveys of users of such systems and this paper reports on the experience of surveying(More)
Though the rate has significantly decreased, the United States continued into the late 90's with one of the highest fire death rates in the industrialized world. Given the advancements in fire prevention, including public education, building design, consumer product safety, and sophisticated levels of the fire protection in this country, it is puzzling to(More)
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