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This report documents the guidelines that were used for preparing the U.S. marine mammal stock assessments that are required by the 1994 ammendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act, as well as the report of the workshop that led to the first draft of the guidelines. Additionally, this report summarizes the results of the 1995 assessments, the first year(More)
Large whales were extensively hunted in coastal waters off Alaska, but current distribution, population sizes and trends are poorly known. Line transect surveys were conducted in coastal waters of the Aleutian Islands and the Alaska Peninsula in the summer of 2001–2003. Abundances of three species were estimated by conventional and multiple covariate(More)
Killer whale (Orcinus orca Linnaeus, 1758) abundance in the North PaciWc is known only for a few populations for which extensive longitudinal data are available, with little quantitative data from more remote regions. Line-transect ship surveys were conducted in July and August of 2001–2003 in coastal waters of the western Gulf of Alaska and the Aleutian(More)
This document summarizes the discussion and recommendations of a workshop held in April 19% to review the guidelines being used to assess marine mammal populations as required by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Included in this document is a copy of the final revised guidelines that resulted from the recommendations of the workshop.
  • A E Punt, P R Wade, Gary F Locke, Jane Lubchenco, James W Balsiger
  • 2010
uses the NOAA Technical Memorandum series to issue informal scientific and technical publications when complete formal review and editorial processing are not appropriate or feasible. Documents within this series reflect sound professional work and may be referenced in the formal scientific and technical literature. ABSTRACT An age-and sex-structured(More)
Technical Memorandum NMFS series to issue informal scientific and technical publications when complete formal review and editorial processing are not appropriate or feasible due to time constraints. Documents published in this series may be referenced in the scientific and technical literature.
BACKGROUND Subsets of myenteric neurons have been identified. To determine the proportional representation of neurons in each, it is necessary to relate the number of neurons in the subset to that of the complete set. Prior estimates of total numbers of neurons, obtained with many different markers, have varied widely. METHODS Markers were compared for(More)
The peristaltic reflex can be evoked in the absence of input from the CNS because the responsible neural pathways are intrinsic to the intestine. Mucosal enterochromaffin cells have been postulated to be pressure transducers, which activate the intrinsic sensory neurons that initiate the reflex by secreting 5-HT. All of the criteria necessary to establish(More)
Studies of the guinea pig small intestine have suggested that serotonin (5-HT) may be a mucosal transmitter that stimulates sensory nerves and initiates peristaltic and secretory reflexes. We tested the hypothesis that guinea pig villus epithelial cells are able to inactivate 5-HT because they express the same 5-HT transporter as serotonergic neurons. A(More)