Paul W Tisher

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This article describes the use of rapid response teams to reduce the use of mechanical restraints (i.e., restricting a person’s movement through the use of a mechanical device such as a backboard, net, or papoose) in an acute psychiatric care setting. Rapid response teams have proven highly effective for emergent medical patients, but have not typically(More)
The abnormal neuronal excitability underlying seizure disorders may alter behavior. Behavioral alterations associated with epilepsy can occur during the ictal period, especially in patients who suffer partial seizures of temporal or frontal lobe origin, or during the interictal period in the setting of chronic temporolimbic seizure discharges. We use case(More)
Rabbit lungs were perfused via the pulmonary artery and norepinephrine (NE) measured in the outflows. The basal NE level was approximately 3 ng/min. Electrical stimulation (50 V, 1 ms, 10 Hz) of the sympathetic nerves doubled the NE release. Hexamethonium (10(-4) and 10(-5) M) had no effect on the release of NE. Administration of a monoamine oxidase (MAO)(More)
Developmental features of the P2 auditory ERP in a change detection paradigm were examined in infants prenatally exposed to methadone. Opiate dependent pregnant women maintained on methadone replacement therapy were recruited during pregnancy (N = 60). Current and historical alcohol and substance use, SES, and psychiatric status were assessed with a(More)
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