Paul W. Jardetzky

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This paper argues that there is significant benefit in providing multiple progressively stronger layers of security for hosts connecting to the Internet. It claims that this multi-layered approach allows early discard of packets associated with attacks. This reduces server vulnerability to computational denial-of-service attacks via heavyweight cryptography(More)
Dependable systems cannot be built without a monitoring and management component. In this paper we propose using a wide variety of information gathering tools coupled with custom scripts and a Prolog language engine to aggregate information from multiple sources. Complex queries, difficult to express in standard database languages, can then be used to(More)
Advances in local area ATM networking make it possible to integrate digital audio and video, or continuous media (CM), into distributed computing environments. The temporal nature of CM introduces new requirements for acceptable end-to-end delay and jitter. This and an increased demand for bandwidth affect the design of modern, general purpose, operating(More)
Nicole Carlson, The Aerospace Corporation, USA David Chizmadia, Promia, Inc, USA Karen E. Cohen, BearingPoint, USA Patricia Daggett, EMC Corporation, USA Daniel Faigin (Chair), The Aerospace Corporation, USA Jay Kahn, The MITRE Corporation, USA Donna Mitchell, Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems & Solutions, USA W. Warren Pierce, Northrop Grumman, USA Harvey(More)
A project to investigate the feasibility of delivering on-demand distance education to the desktop, known as the Asynchronous Distance Education ProjecT (ADEPT), is presently being carried out. A set of Stanford engineering classes is digitized on PC, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms, and is made available on servers. Students on campus and in industry may(More)
<lb>A quFile is a unifying abstraction that simplifies data<lb>management by encapsulating different physical repre-<lb>sentations of the same logical data. Similar to a quBit<lb>(quantum bit), the particular representation of the logi-<lb>cal data displayed by a quFile is not determined until the<lb>moment it is needed. The representation returned by(More)
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