Paul W. Howerton

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With the operational capability for large-scale machine translation on the immediate horizon, documentalists must become aware of what new problems they must face. The state of the art of machine translation is briefly reviewed. The magnitude of the translation problem is documented with data from the Soviet scientific and technical press. The parameters of(More)
Computer crime has had new dimensions added to it with the introduction of the personal computers. The range of criminal uses of the computer has expanded from embezzlement and fraud to include the use of computers to transmit material inciting crime. Examples of this new range are given. A few years ago our concern with computer crime was focussed on fraud(More)
The increasing concern of the professional computer community and the general public with the preservation of maximum privacy of personal information stored in automated systems has made the subject of security of essential concern. The methods of ensuring security extend from the design of systems to the periodic auditing of operating systems. The(More)
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