Paul W. G. Elbers

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The purpose of this study was to develop a rapid and fully automatic method for the assessment of microvascular density and perfusion in sidestream dark field (SDF) images. We modified algorithms previously developed by our group for microvascular density assessment and introduced a new method for microvascular perfusion assessment. To validate the new(More)
INTRODUCTION Measurement of energy expenditure (EE) is recommended to guide nutrition in critically ill patients. Availability of a gold standard indirect calorimetry is limited, and continuous measurement is unfeasible. Equations used to predict EE are inaccurate. The purpose of this study was to provide proof of concept that EE can be accurately assessed(More)
Objective. The pulmonary artery catheter (PAC) remains topic of debate. Despite abundant data, it is of note that many trials did not incorporate a treatment protocol. Methods. We retrospectively evaluated fluid balances and catecholamine doses in septic patients after the introduction of a PAC-based treatment protocol in comparison to historic controls.(More)
Tani et al. recently found an association between hypochlo-raemia and worse clinical outcome in critically ill patients, albeit not as an independent risk factor [1]. The authors were unable to find any explanation for this association. From clinical experience we could invoke three possible causes: use of NaHCO 3 , use of loop diuretics, or renal(More)
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