Paul Vos

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PURPOSE The effect of frequency altered feedback (FAF) on stuttering type (i.e., prolongation, repetition, or silent block) and stuttering duration (i.e., average duration of stuttering event and total stuttering time) was examined. METHOD Retrospective analyses of previously collected data from 12 adult persons who stutter who participated in an ABA(More)
The Cox proportional hazards model is the most widely used model for survival analysis because of its simplicity. The fundamental assumption in this model is the proportionality of the hazard function. When this condition is not met, other modifications or other models must be used for analysis of survival data. We illustrate in this review several(More)
This paper lays the foundations for a unified framework for numerically and computationally applying methods drawn from a range of currently distinct geometrical approaches to statistical modelling. In so doing, it extends information geometry from a manifold based approach to one where the simplex is the fundamental geometrical object, thereby allowing(More)
A new geometric structure for information geometry is developed with a simplicial, rather than manifold, basis. This structure is reflected in the +1, −1 and 0 geometries of Amari and in the duality relationship central to information geometry and corresponds to the support and moment structures of the distributions. This underlying geometric structure(More)
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